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How to eliminate \"interpersonal phobia\"

01 1 Since it is a reluctance to communicate with people, then you should talk to the \"drugs\" under this \"sickness\". Go to the bold and talk to strangers, say their hobbies, say that they can talk to them, or, they love to say
02 2 mouths are just the beginning, mainly psychological. Since the mouth is open, the mentality adjustment is slightly better. Don't care too much about how others see you, don't think who is great or not, don't expect self-perfect, who wants to leave it to whom
03 3 These are just the beginning of the process, there are some methods, may wish to try it. \"Broken cans breaking the law\
04 In fact, people who are psychologically like this are generally less likely to be living in groups or when they are alone. This kind of \"phobia\" cannot be called a disease because it is only manifested in strangers and the environment, but if it is serious