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Why does seminal vesiculitis recur

We know that this seminal vesicle is very important for a man, because it will affect the next generation, so we must pay attention to active prevention in peacetime. If we are not careful, we should actively treat it. If seminal vesicle inflammation does not go to the regular hospital in time for professional treatment, it is easy to recur. This is also a difficult place for seminal vesicle inflammation. Because of some characteristics of seminal vesicle, the bacteria are easy to remain after inflammation, which brings some difficulties to the treatment. If the treatment is not timely or thorough, it is easy to recur.
First of all, our patients are not treated thoroughly, and our patients should pay attention to the combination of work and rest during the treatment, and pay attention to keeping their stool unblocked, because if we can not thoroughly treat, we can not completely remove the root of the disease, which is very easy to repeat.
Another thing is that our patients must pay attention to their living habits, because many bad habits will lead to the recurrence of the disease, do not ride horses or bicycles and sit for a long time in peacetime, must stand up every other time for a while, this is very good for our recovery.
Also, we must pay attention to avoid excessive sexual affairs, only in this way can we reduce the degree of sexual organ congestion, those patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis can regularly do seminal vesicle prostate massage, so as to enhance the blood supply of prostate and seminal vesicle, can also promote the discharge of inflammatory substances, help us completely recover.
Finally, we want to say that as long as we find that we have seminal vesiculitis, we must go to the regular hospital in time for treatment, and strive for early recovery, which is a problem we must pay special attention to.