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Workplace must see: white-collar practical decompression method

01 Listening to music, changing mood Music is the best friend of mankind. People create it, it is to serve people. If you feel pressure, you may want to listen to music. Music can take away some depression and unhappiness.
02 Good environment releases stress people are the products of the environment. A good environment will make people feel happy, have self-motivation, help each other, appreciate each other, have passion and vitality. On the contrary, bad environment, unsettled environment, intrigue, dull
03 Participating in sports Many psychologists pointed out that aerobic exercise is better than taking any medicine in changing bad emotions. People can use exercise to resolve when they are in a bad mood, they can go out for running, they can swim, and they can ride.
04 I like a wider range of people in the workplace. Don't just do the work that the boss teaches you. Usually, you have to have a little more hobbies. When you are in a bad mood, these hobbies are your helpers. For example, you will play the violin.