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Counting the seven psychological characteristics of a full-time wife

01 First, there is no worries about life. Most of the families who can return to the family to do full-time employment are relatively economically sturdy. They do not need to work hard for a family meal, and they can live a life of pampering.
02 Second, clothing fashion. Full-time too much will have a more advanced consumption awareness, there will be more sophisticated requirements for their own clothing, afraid of being seen by the original colleagues jokes
03 The third is to admire famous brands. Most of the full-time wife groups will have a self-respecting attitude and a self-respecting attitude. They like to use brand-name products to compare with other women and to fill their own vanity.
04 Four is like Zhang Luo. Usually there is no big event at home, and there is no time limit for non-delivery cases. If there is more leisure time, you need to have a way to send it. Zhang Luo Shi is one of the best ways to send.
05 Five is to make friends. Full-time wife likes to make a successful family of men, to respect and consider to win a good feeling, can be embarrassed but not derailed, they need this kind of feeling of being followed by men;
06 Six is ​​life lonely. Full-time wife waits until her husband goes to work and the children go to school. One person usually feels lost when he is at home. The person who loves himself goes to work, and the person he loves goes to school again. So, everything is boring.
07 Seven is out of society. It has been a long time since returning to the family. Colleagues in the past have long lost contact. Her husband’s career can’t be plugged in, the life circle is getting narrower, and he slowly begins to break away from society.