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Which foods should not be eaten together?

01 Scallions and tofu. This is a dish that is often eaten in the summer. The shallots are mixed with tofu and eaten more deliciously. In fact, the two are not easy to put together. Because the oxalic acid in the onion is easy to form with the calcium in the tofu.
02 Cold carrots don't put vinegar. In the summer, when we mix carrots, we are used to vinegar. After all, it tastes good. But, actually, no, carrots are best not to be eaten with vinegar. Because vinegar can destroy carrots.
03 Bananas and potatoes. Bananas and potatoes can't be eaten together. Therefore, friends who like to eat salad should pay attention. Don't eat potatoes after eating banana salad, otherwise they will die. If they eat together.