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Is dwarfism inherited?

01 1 Is there a problem with the dwarfism? In fact, patients should know that dwarfism can be passed on to the next generation. For example, chromosomal abnormalities can be the cause of this disease, and dwarfism caused by genetic factors.
02 2 Therefore, this requires the parents to pay more attention to the prevention of the disease. It is best for the patient to make a genetic test before the parents decide to give birth to confirm whether the baby is sick.
03 3 In addition to these, the parents of the patient should also understand the treatment plan of this disease. The common treatment of this disease includes drug treatment, surgery and radiation therapy. Patients can choose the most suitable according to their actual situation.
04 Patients should pay more attention to their physical changes in their daily life. Once they discover their own physical problems, they must seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Patients can also take part in some physical exercise to enhance their physical fitness and disease resistance.