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Do not rely on health care products

01 Zinc supplementation, calcium supplementation, brain supplementation, oxygen supplementation... These kinds of health care products have mostly focused on the college entrance examination and the middle school entrance examination, and students are no strangers to these health care products. A high school student is joking.
02 Indiscriminate use of health care products is harmful. As long as the three meals a day, reasonable diet, can meet the nutritional needs of students, parents do not need to give children nutrition, ginseng soup.” Chaoyang District Education Committee Student Nutrition Office Director Wang Honghua at
03 In the three days before the test, you should drink plenty of water. The summer weather is hot, sweating is more, and the water loss is fast. Every year, there will be a situation of collapse due to loss of water. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and timely supplement the water to prevent accidents.