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What should I do if my baby vomits?

01 1 First, understand the causes of vomiting in the baby. The following are the most common causes: Gastroenteritis caused by stomach or enterovirus often causes vomiting of the baby, suffering from gastroenteritis, in addition to vomiting, accompanied by
02 2 Second, confirm the illness baby once one of the following conditions, Mom and Dad should take him to the hospital immediately: persistent vomiting, but no diarrhea. Infants less than 1 year old continue to vomit more than 12 hours, or older vomiting
03 3 Third, prevention and treatment When the baby has vomiting, parents should pay attention to keep the baby in the lateral position, so as to avoid vomiting and inhalation of the trachea and cause suffocation. Usually pay attention to food hygiene and nutritional balance, avoiding uncleanness or overeating.