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Diarrhea diet should avoid

01 Acute fasting. Acute watery period needs to be temporarily fasted to make the intestines completely rest. If necessary, intravenous infusion to prevent dehydration due to excessive water loss.
02 Light liquid diet. No need for fasting, the beginning of the disease should be given a light liquid diet. For example, protein water, juice, rice soup, thin noodle soup, etc., mainly salty. Early milk, sucrose and other gas-producing liquids.
03 Adjust the diet according to the condition. The number of bowel movements is reduced. After the symptoms are relieved, it is changed to a low-fat liquid diet, or a low-fat, low-residue, soft and digestible semi-liquid diet, such as rice porridge, glutinous rice flour, rotten noodles, noodles, etc.
04 Diet choice. After the diarrhea is basically stopped, it can supply low-fat and low-slag semi-liquid diet or soft food. A small amount of meals to facilitate digestion, such as noodles, porridge, steamed bread, rotten rice, lean meat, etc.
05 Vitamin supplements. Pay attention to vitamin B and vitamin C supplements, such as fresh orange juice, juice, tomato juice, vegetable soup, etc.
06 Dietary taboos. Prohibition of alcohol, avoiding fat, hard and vegetables containing coarse fiber, raw cold fruits, snacks and cold drinks.