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Almond jujube practice

01 jujube soaked in advance, washed, and removed to the core;
02 Washing your head
03 jujube is filled in a bowl, add a little water, and steamed with steamed bread for about 20 minutes;
04 After taking out the jujube, crush it and make it into jujube
05 Take out the hoe, peel off the skin, and grind it into mud;
06 Use jujube mud to form apricot nucleus, wrap the mud into jujube shape, make jade jujube, put it in the bowl;
07 glutinous rice and almonds are ground together into a paste;
08 Take an oil-free pot, add 750 ml of water, add sugar, boil
09 slowly into the rice paste, boiled into a simmer, sprinkle a little almond dew, poured in a jujube bowl;
10 Sprinkle a slice of plum-shaped gold cake into a slice.