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What about the symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning?

01 1 Now advocate environmental protection, use green pollution materials to decorate the family. Because among all contacts, the most harmful to methanol is that children, the elderly and pregnant women are especially sensitive to formaldehyde, the harm is even greater, and the weaker the body is, the easier it is.
02 2 After many years of investigation by the society, after 2-10 years, these toxins will be volatilized from the deep surface of the material in case of heat and moisture, which will seriously pollute the environment and cause harm to people's bodies.
03 3 I found myself or someone around you have symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning. For example, if you feel pungent smell, vomiting, dizziness, nausea or even coma, you should seek medical advice promptly. Open the door and window first to avoid other people.
04 Indoors should keep the air clear, do not use inferior materials to decorate, be aware that toxic gases can come out at any time, exercise more on weekdays, increase disease resistance, and do not touch too much toxic gases.