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A small way to solve dark circles

01 1 Prepare enough ice water and whole milk, then follow the ice water and cold whole milk according to 1
02 2 Find an apple, slice it, put two apples with a lot of juice on the closed eyes, lie down and rest for fifteen minutes, and do it a few more times, the dark circles will disappear.
03 3 We usually drink tea that is soaked in tea bags. Don't throw away the tea bags. Put the used tea bags directly around your eyes for a while, and the dark circles will slowly disappear!
04 4 If you don't want to see dark circles right away, you can use a concealer that is lighter than the liquid foundation to cover the eye circles, but the color should be coordinated with the skin color.
05 black eye and eye bags at a glance, the elimination process requires our patience and persistence, will have an effect.