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Love children, starting from cultivating “feeding balance”

01 Primary and secondary school students are in a critical period of growth and development. Good nutritional status is the basis and guarantee of their intelligence, physical quality and even psychological development. Relevant surveys show that the dietary structure of primary and middle school students in Beijing is unreasonable - cereals, vegetables and fruits
02 Insufficient exercise and uneven diet, these comprehensive factors play a role together, and related health problems are highlighted. The obesity rates of male and female students in Beijing primary and secondary schools in 2011-2012 were 26.2% and 15.2%, respectively;
03 The formation of the child's lifestyle, the first influencing factor should be the family. Obviously, the child's lifestyle is first influenced by the family. For example, if parents love sports, the chances of children enjoying sports will increase greatly; family eating habits will affect children.
04 Unfortunately, there are still many parents who are not aware of this problem. I would like to appeal to everyone that if you really love your child, you must first let him grow up healthily, and build a healthy family lifestyle to help children develop a “balance of eating”.