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Will it be infected with psoriasis patients?

01 1 Because of the stubborn psoriasis, people avoid it for psoriasis patients. In fact, it is not necessary. The treatment of psoriasis is the key to drugs. The general psoriasis drugs are harmful to the liver, and also contain hormones. It is very bad for the body.
02 2 The best period for the treatment of psoriasis is in the summer. Don't miss the big opportunity. If you are not afraid of the sun, you can get more sun. Because the bacteria in the psoriasis will be killed by ultraviolet rays, reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.
03 3 In fact, even the best method can not meet the doctor's prescription. Only the doctor made a diagnosis, and for some characteristics of psoriasis, do some detailed treatment options. It can achieve good results. Psoriasis patients should not be too
04 Treating psoriasis requires a good attitude and mood. Please don't be too impatient. Keep your mood. Keep exercising every day. With a strong body, you can beat any disease. Patients can't eat spicy and allergic food. Can't