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The best treatment for acne

01 1 First, the main treatment for this disease is mainly topical medication. The most commonly used topical medicine is sulphur ointment. We take a bath with warm water, then put on a clean underwear, and then use this sulphur.
02 2 Then there is what our patients need to pay attention to. In order to fully maintain the efficacy of the patients during the medication, better to kill the mites, the patients should not take a bath during the application, do not change clothes, ensure skin and clothing.
03 3 There is also the attention of our patients to personal hygiene, we must pay attention to isolation and treatment, and use hot water to wash and disinfect contaminated clothes and bedding, and sheets. It can also be used for more than one week after exposure to sunlight.
04 Finally, we have to say that the prevention of hemorrhoids should be done separately. Personalized daily necessities should be separated. Bedding should be washed and changed frequently. In places with poor sanitation, personal protection should be taken. After going home, take a bath and disinfect the underwear.