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Baby has blistering hand and foot, how to do when the blisters are broken

01 1 After discovering that you have such a condition, you should go to the hospital or the nearby leather defense center for examination. You can't drag it. The longer you drag, the more serious the illness will affect the treatment. First, what type of skin disease is examined.
02 2 Generally, the skin diseases in this case are familiar to doctors, because there are many kinds of skin diseases patients coming to see them every day, so just check them a little and judge according to your life habits.
03 3 Some of these skin diseases are cured quickly, some are slow to cure, and you should put your mind in a good state of mind. Don't worry. After you go home, you must follow the doctor's request and use the medicine regularly. You can't feel better when you stop.
04 These patients with skin diseases must pay attention to personal hygiene, pay attention to the cleanliness of the hands, less cold water, especially in places with blisters, but also to avoid contact with a stimulating liquid to prevent the infection from aggravating the disease.