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Symptoms of foreskin balanitis

01 1 Male friends suffering from foreskin balanitis in their lives, often patients will show a slight flushing of the glans, and during this period there may be white cheese-like patches on the inner skin of the foreskin and the glans of the glans.
02 2 Male foreskin balanitis patients should pay attention to their personal hygiene during life. During this period, patients should pay attention to it, leading to the clean and dryness of their foreskin cavity, pay attention to develop their own good habits, and usually live
03 3 Foreskin balanitis patients, pay attention to life, open your own emotions, don't give yourself too much pressure in your life during this period, you still need to make yourself more relaxed in your life, usually go out for a walk in your daily life.
04 Patients and friends should pay attention to their lives. They must not have any unsafe sex during the illness. It is very easy to get infected during this time. It is very important to keep your local cleanliness.