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Symptoms of papular urticaria

01 1 The first one is that there will be mung beans or slightly reddish papules in this disease, and we will feel very hard when we touch it. There are often blisters on the top of this pimpl, and it will be crusted after scratching, and some blush will appear around it.
02 2 Then there is the disease that is more likely to appear on our arms and legs, and often appears in batches, sometimes scattered, sometimes clustered, and often accompanied by gastrointestinal disorders, a few
03 3 There is also the time for our patients to recover. The general situation is about 1 week or so, and the self-resolved, leaving temporary pigmentation, but new rashes can appear one after another, so new and old skin lesions exist at the same time.
04 Finally, what we want to say is that if the child is unfortunately infected with papular urticaria in life, in order to avoid problems such as skin itching and ulceration, it is necessary to pay attention to the active treatment.