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Prostatic hypertrophy massage

01 1 Patients with prostatic hyperplasia use the method of massage. In normal times, we can often press our own gas hole Guanyuan point, Zhongji point in life, and then often rubbed in the life, hands folded in the lower abdomen, then
02 2 patients with enlarged prostate can be treated by massage. They can also press their own life points and gossip, and the patients should pay attention to the massage in these days.
03 3 In life, pay attention to a lot of life details, in order to better treat prostate hypertrophy, we generally want to avoid sex life in life, we must do not smoke or drink, do not eat spicy in these details.
04 To improve your eating habits, you should eat more dietary fiber. During these periods, patients with prostatic hyperplasia should also pay attention to maintaining personal hygiene. During these periods, patients cannot sit on TV for too long.