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Is prostate hypertrophy a toxin?

01 1 Prostatic hypertrophy This disease does not mean that the patient's body is toxin. Prostate hypertrophy mainly refers to the gradual proliferation of the connective tissue and smooth muscle tissue of the middle or sub-mucosal submucosa of the urethra, leading to the urethra, bladder and kidney.
02 2 patients with prostatic hypertrophy should pay more attention to their usual clothes. Clothes should be looser. Try not to wear tight clothes, especially the lower body clothes. Try not to wear too tight underwear, underwear and underwear.
03 3 patients with prostatic hypertrophy must pay attention to rest, must not work too hard, try not to work in high intensity, learn to work and rest, learn to relax, do not give yourself too much pressure
04 Patients with prostatic hypertrophy must find early treatment early. They must not choose to hide because they feel that it is difficult to talk or feel embarrassed. It must be treated in time. It must be confident.