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Gonorrhea, what medicine do you buy?

01 1 In the treatment of men's gonorrhea in life, we must pay attention to the normal life can pass, oral ceftriaxone, to carry out related treatment, life must pay attention to the balance of their privacy is also very important, do not eat in life
02 2 Patients with male gonorrhea must pay attention to their own mentality in their daily life. They usually give more confidence in their daily life, and in life, patients must make their patience stronger, usually
03 3 Male gonorrhea patients must strengthen their resistance during this period to adhere to some physical exercise in normal life. Patients must not have too many unsafe sex, usually pay attention during this period of life
04 Male gonorrhea patients still need to prevent more in their daily life. In life, they should be related to isolation. In life, they should use condoms well. Do not have contact with family and friends during this period.