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What are the common treatments for male infertility?

01 1 Now, the most common cause of male infertility is semen abnormalities, such as oligozoospermia or weak sperm, etc. In this case, male infertility is relatively easy to cure, generally only needs to be appropriate
02 2 If some of the more harmful diseases cause male infertility, it is mainly to actively treat the primary disease, such as prostatitis, or orchitis, especially for prostatitis, it is best to
03 3 Some bad behaviors in life can also directly lead to male infertility. For example, long-term smoking or alcohol abuse, it is recommended to conduct a physical examination before giving birth, so that targeted prevention can be achieved for male infertility.
04 Male infertility is actually easier to cure in many cases. Of course, there are cases that cannot be cured, but it is relatively rare. After diagnosis and infertility, don't panic, and timely regular treatment.