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How to treat severe orchitis

01 1 Some patients with orchitis have a serious condition, and they need to go to a regular hospital for surgery. Some patients have pain due to illness. If it is confirmed that there is no infection or other diseases in the testis, you can use physiotherapy or hot water bath.
02 2 For those patients with orchitis due to inflammatory reaction, TCM syndrome differentiation treatment can usually achieve better curative effect. Patients with orchitis should choose and use antibiotics according to the nature of the pathogen and drug sensitivity and the specific conditions of the patient.
03 3 Patients with severe orchitis should stay in bed and raise or raise the scrotum. It is also important to relieve testicular pain by local cold compress. If the pain is severe, you can give analgesic orally, or use a very small amount of Prouka.
04 In normal life, once a male friend suffers from orchitis, he should go to a regular hospital for diagnosis, find out the pathogenic factors of orchitis, choose a scientific and reasonable treatment method suitable for his condition, and do daily nursing work.