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Drinking honey will be fat, right drinking, but can lose weight

Drinking honey will be fat. Drinking correctly, but losing weight, honey is a nutritious food that everyone is familiar with. Many people will get used to making honey into honey water for daily drinking. It is sweet and delicious and has many benefits. But now many women have dieting.
The main ingredients of honey are fructose and glucose, which together account for about 70%, and a small amount of sucrose, maltose, dextrin, gum and nitrogen compounds, organic acids, volatile oils, pigments, waxes, natural flavors, plant debris (special
Since the main components of honey, fructose and glucose, are monosaccharides, they can be converted into energy immediately after consumption, and rarely converted into accumulated fat, and can also promote intestinal peristalsis and play a role in reducing intestinal detoxification. Of course,
If you don't feel at ease, then don't drink honey water before going to bed and only drink warm water, so there is basically no risk of getting fat. In addition, because the honey contains very low calories, and the monosaccharide ingredients are
Honey diet is a relatively famous method of weight loss. It usually takes 3-5 days as a cycle. It replaces breakfast with honey water. It only eats a small amount of porridge and boiled vegetables for lunch and dinner. Many people lose weight within 3 days.