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Tips for making good use of treadmills to lose weight

01 Warm up before running Warm up before exercise to prevent strain on your muscles during exercise. Therefore, stretch your leg muscles before each run to get the best calories and then exercise.
02 When running, the correct posture for running is aerobic exercise, and the body will participate in it. If you have a chest arch back while running, or hold the handle all the time, not only can you not achieve the effect of exercise, but also increase the pressure on the lumbar spine.
03 Speed ​​should not be too fast Although running fast can quickly consume the body's heat, but it will burden the calf, and accelerate the growth of the calf muscles, easy to make the calf thicker. In fact, when we are running, the time to actually start burning fat
04 When using a treadmill, concentrate on watching TV and other distractions while running. Many newspapers like to watch TV while running, which will distract your attention and will be injured if you are not careful, especially those who are not familiar with running.