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What are the functions and effects of Sanqi Powder?

Sanqi powder is actually developed from Sanqi fruit. According to the specific specifications, the main root of Sanqi is ground into powder. In fact, the effect is the same. Grinding into powder is actually convenient for use. Because if you take it, the powder is relative to the root.
Hello, first of all, let us introduce the role of Panax notoginseng powder. In the above we mentioned that we can treat a series of blood diseases such as vomiting blood, blood in the stool, bleeding in the wounds, and can use the powder of Sanqi, and also stop bleeding and phlegm.
Hello, let's talk about the efficacy of Sanqi powder. In the role mentioned, it can stop bleeding and phlegm, reduce swelling and relieve pain. And for a variety of conditions like vomiting blood, blood stasis, blood in the stool, hemoptysis, halo blood, etc.