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What are the health teas?

01 枸杞 tea, the main medicine is longan meat, medlar, jujube, rock sugar, etc. It can play a role in replenishing liver and kidney and spleen and blood. Although this kind of health tea is peaceful, for most people
02 Osmanthus tea, sweet-scented osmanthus tea can also play the role of dispelling cold, relieving pain, strengthening spleen and relieving vomit. Its main ingredients include ginger, sweet-scented osmanthus and jujube. You can also add appropriate amount of black tea. This osmanthus tea is suitable for some physical comparisons.
03 ginseng tea, the main formula of this tea is licorice, platycodon and American ginseng, to be washed with warm water and then brewed with boiling water. It can play the role of clearing throat and clearing the throat, cooling and relieving heat. For some sweating comparison