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4 yam diet recipes can lose weight without losing chest

01 burdock yam red jujube. Material: burdock 30g, yam 30g, red jujube 20g. Practice: 1, Huaishan wash, peeling, cutting hobs; burdock clean, scrape the surface of the skin with a knife back, oblique cut thick;
02 Huanren Yam porridge. Material: fresh yam 50g diced, coix seed 20g, red jujube 3, 枸杞 10g washed, 80g rice. Practice: 1, yam into the salt water soaked, coix seed soaked with warm water for half an hour;
03 Yam bean curd. Material: appropriate amount of yam, box of tofu, egg liquid, mushrooms, parsley, fresh soup, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, pepper, water starch. Practice: 1, first peel the yam peeled and cut into small Ding
04 White lentils yam porridge. Materials: fresh yam 30 grams, white lentils 10 grams, white rice 20 grams, a small amount of white sugar. Practice: 1, white rice, white lentils first washed with water, put aside; 2, fresh yam