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Four major hazards of insufficient protein intake

01 Even if you exercise fat, it is difficult to burn. Insufficient protein will cause the number of basal metabolism to decrease, which will reduce the number of muscles. Once the amount of muscles is reduced, the number of basal metabolism will be reduced.
02 Protein deficiency is often accompanied by energy deficiency - when it is only protein deficiency, it mainly manifests as edema, growth retardation, skin pigmentation and hair fragility; when protein deficiency is accompanied by energy deficiency, it mainly manifests as obvious weight loss and growth.
03 Nutritional edema - protein malnutrition The body stores a small amount of protein, when the nutrient is sufficient, but only about 1% of the total body protein. This protein is called actin, mainly stored in the liver, intestinal mucosa and
04 Dysplasia - evaluation of nutritional status Insufficient long-term protein intake will affect the synthesis of protein in the body tissues. In children and adolescents, growth and development retardation, height and weight are lower than normal children, and even affect the normal development of intelligence. Adults may have