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What foods do the elderly eat to help digestion?

01 Apple: Apple can not only diarrhea, but also laxative. The organic alkali and other substances have astringent effect, and the pectin contained can absorb toxins. For mild mild diarrhea, eating apple alone can stop diarrhea. Apple
02 Banana: Banana is rich in a variety of trace elements and vitamins. It may not only help muscle relaxation and weight loss, but also heat and moisturize the intestines, promote gastrointestinal motility, and have a good effect on indigestion. It is the first choice for the elderly.
03 Hawthorn: Hawthorn is a mildly warm food with functional spleen appetizer, stagnation and digestion, and increased appetite. Because hawthorn contains lipase, it can increase the secretion of gastric digestive enzymes and has a good effect on promoting digestion.
04 Cabbage: Chinese cabbage contains trace elements and cellulose, which can not only promote detoxification, but also play a role in moisturizing the intestines. The elderly can eat more cabbage to lose weight, and can also diuresis and laxative, promote digestion, and not cool down and reduce the benefits and good products.
05 Black fungus: Black fungus is the best cleaning time in the intestines. It can absorb unhealthy substances left in the intestines in a short time, and concentrate them out of the body to cleanse the blood and wash the intestines.