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What are the benefits of eating apricot?

01 1 Apricot has a fragrant taste and can be used as a cosmetic. It can also be used as a soap. Apricot has a very high use value. It treats cold and cold lung disease, moisturizes the lungs and phlegm, contains various organic ingredients and vitamins and inorganic substances necessary for the human body.
02 2 Almond has a very high nutritional value. It is very edible and has a wide range of applications. Almond can be made into almond cream and almond paste. Apricot is one of the main cultivated fruit varieties in northern China. It is a nourishing good. Apricot can also be processed.
03 3 Apricot ripening season In the summer, at this time in the market, its market possession is very high, mainly because it contains a variety of vitamins, what are the benefits of eating apricots? Apricot contains a lot of vitamin B17, deeply affected by people
04 Almond oil is very clear and yellow. It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying. It is a very good edible oil, and the apricot fruit has medical value. It must be controlled during the consumption process.