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The function and function of black fungus and its eating method

01 1 The effect of this disease of black fungus is often used as a medicinal function to promote blood circulation and phlegm, and during these periods, it is often able to treat waist and leg pain, numbness of the hands and feet, and also have the special effect of preventing and treating coronary heart disease.
02 2 If you eat black fungus regularly, you can also have a certain anti-aging effect. During these periods, we can often improve, myocardium is hypoxic and has anti-ulcer effect. Black fungus has high fat sugar and protein.
03 3 Usually we eat this kind of food of black fungus, we can eat it with some meat, or we can make it separately, and after soaking it with the boiled rice soup, the fungus of the hair is fat, soft and tastes even more.
04 Usually we come out to eat the food of fungus, we also often have some other good things fiber, usually all kinds of trace elements should be supplemented, usually also pay attention to the regularity of the diet in life.