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Can pear skin be eaten?

01 1About the pear skin can not be eaten, it is actually able to eat, and does not say that pear skin can not eat, but the best advice is to wash it with water before eating again.
02 2 Although it is said that pear skin can be eaten, it is necessary to remind many patients that it is because, in many cases, although pear skin can be eaten, many of them may be preserved on the pear skin.
03 3 In addition, if you must eat pear skin, it is recommended to use some salt water to properly soak, then carry out a salt sputum, so that you can properly help remove some wax.
04 Pears have a good effect to help improve cough. There is nothing wrong with it. But if people have a cough that is quite serious, it is recommended that the best patient is to receive a doctor's treatment after going to the hospital in time.