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What to eat to treat hemorrhoids

01 1 First of all, you have to find out why you have caused acne. This is convenient for the right medicine. During the period of acne, we should pay special attention to our diet. First of all, the diet should be light and light.
02 2 Secondly, we should quit spicy foods such as hot pot, skewers and so on. A series of spicy foods. In addition, if you have constipation in the past, you should pay more attention. You can eat more bananas and eat more fresh.
03 3 can also eat appropriate black sesame, because black sesame has reduced hemorrhoids bleeding. White radish can also help the anti-inflammatory effect, but the effect of raw food will be more obvious. Especially for constipation patients with acne
04 Be careful not to eat some fruits that are easy to get angry, such as oranges, etc. Also don't eat mango, durian, lychee and other flaming fruits. This is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. Also, don't play the phone while going to the bathroom.