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The benefits and disadvantages of eating apples

01 1 First, the apple contains a lot of vitamins. If you can get the apples to treat the fire, the apple can supplement the vitamins needed by the human body. These vitamins will also be digested by our stomach, so that the food can be digested quickly and absorbed well.
02 2 Secondly, eating apples can also play a role in weight loss. Apple can make a good feeling of fullness. People who lose weight eat apples, don’t feel very hungry, and don’t eat other foods to fill their hunger.
03 3 Finally, eating more apples is not good for the human stomach, especially for those who are not very good in the stomach, it is easy to cause indigestion. So for people with bad stomach, don't eat too
04 Eat any fruit is the right amount, do not eat too much, like an apple, usually do not have any harm, but must not eat too much, eating too much is also a waste, because our body simply can not