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Who can't eat peanuts?

01 1 Gout patients can not eat peanuts, because gout patients are due to a group of their own metabolic disorders caused by gout disorders. These patients have hyperuricemia. High-fat diet will reduce the elimination of uric acid,
02 2 Patients with gastric ulcer, chronic bowel and gastritis cannot eat peanuts. These patients generally have poor symptoms of indigestion, chronic abdominal pain and diarrhea. They should be light in diet and can not eat greasy food.
03 3 Patients with hyperlipoproteinemia should not eat peanuts. Because most of the disease is caused by unreasonable dietary structure. Therefore, to cure this disease, it is necessary to start with diet. His dietary principle is to limit calories and unsaturated fatty acids.
04 The nutritional value of peanuts is relatively high. Although these people cannot accept some high-intensity nutrition of peanuts, the human body has requirements for these nutrients. Patients can eat less peanuts in moderation.