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How to make soup more nutritious

01 1 First of all, we want to introduce vegetables soup for everyone. Vegetable soup is a kind of soup that is often done. At this time, we should choose fresh tender vegetables, and at the same time, wait until the water is boiled before putting the vegetables on the pan.
02 2 Again, what we share for everyone is to make chicken soup. Chicken soup is very common. In addition to fresh chicken, we do not recommend spices such as pepper, but can put some onion and other spices, except
03 3 The last thing to introduce is the fish soup. Fresh fish is still recommended as a boiling water pot. At the same time, we suggest that you put the right amount of milk when the fish is ready to be out of the pan. This will not only make the meat of the fish more white and tender, but also fresh soup.
04 There are many ingredients in our life that can be used for soup. There are bone soups that have not been introduced. For bone soup, it is necessary to keep the water in a cold pot. This will ensure that the protein of the outer meat is fully dissolved in the soup.