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What to eat can be freckle

01 1 A reasonable diet is also very important. You can eat some foods containing more vitamins. You can eat some lemons. You can drink water. It is rich in vitamins. You can also eat some kiwifruit, which contains vitamins. The fruit of kiwi is
02 2 Long-spotted women should eat more fresh fruits, foods containing more vitamins, and eat more fresh vegetables to keep the stool smooth. If the stool is not smooth, it will lead to long spots, and it may be necessary.
03 3 Long-spotted women, pay attention to what to eat, eat less junk food, do not eat irritating food, do not eat high-fat food, do not smoke, do not drink, these will lead to disease, do not eat pigmented
04 Long-spotted women don't play computer, because the computer has radiation, which will cause the skin to become worse and worse. Usually, according to your skin, choose your own skin care products, pay attention to your skin.