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Eat two types of food easily induced liver cancer 5 to help you protect the liver

01 1 If you often eat moldy food or eat rame-flavored vegetable oil, these will induce liver cancer. If you want to protect your liver, you must take good care. First, pay attention to your diet and don't eat some moldy food.
02 2 2 is to pay attention to vegetarian food, do not eat a lot of meat often, pay attention to nutrition, this will help the diet health. The third is to pay attention to exercise, which allows us to have a healthy body and strong immunity.
03 3 5 is to pay attention not to smoke and drink, smoking and drinking is the biggest damage to the liver, so we must remember. Usually eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, so that you can properly add vitamins to the body, for
04 Liver cancer patients should not be anxious to fear, maintain a good and happy mood, what is the situation, timely medical treatment, follow the doctor's arrangements for treatment, I hope my advice is helpful to you, I wish you a speedy recovery, thank you