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What do you need to add to your recent child exam?

01 1 First breakfast, breakfast must be eaten, do not be late to learn, to read early, etc. for reasons not to eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal in three meals, to provide one morning energy, breakfast is also
02 2 There are more choices for lunch. Most of them are rice or pasta. The staple foods in the north and the south are different. In addition to the staple food, there are still some dishes to be prepared. Two are enough. One meal, one braised beef, and the egg is fried.
03 3 Dinner only said some precautions, porridge-based, do not eat too full, seven or eight points is enough, do not eat too late, to digest before going to sleep almost. And evening is the best time to calcium,
04 I don't know if my child is a primary school student or a high school student. Before the exam, parents don't have to change too much to avoid temporary discomfort. Generally, nutrition is balanced. The most important thing for primary school students is not partial eclipse. For junior high school students, pay more attention to protein intake.