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What are the benefits of eating honey?

01 1 Everyone knows that the benefits of honey are many, such as beauty, weight loss, treatment of constipation, etc. It is a good nutrient. But if the consumer has a dampness or fullness, and the stool is not
02 2 If constipation, whether it is the elderly or children, it is recommended to decoction or blunt as well. Choose 15 to 30g of honey. If constipation is serious, choose 30 to 60g. It is best to let it cool.
03 3 If you are treating constipation, you can also take a topical method. Choose the right amount of honey, then use honey as a suppository, then pass it through the anus. Don't go to the stool immediately. It is best to wait 15 minutes before going to the toilet.
04 There are many benefits to eating honey. But not everyone can eat it. When you eat honey, you need to pay attention to it. It is recommended that patients should wait for honey to cool and eat when eating honey. This can avoid