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How to eat sesame oil

01 1 We must pay attention when choosing sesame oil. There are many sesame oils in the market. There are freshly squeezed sesame oil. It does not contain preservatives and can be stored for several months. Therefore, we must pay attention to those who do not have additives.
02 2 The sesame oil is eaten very much. We can directly mix the salad. After adjusting the taste of the dishes, we will put on the sesame oil. We will find a fragrant smell that spreads into the nose. So the oil is also called in life.
03 3 If you cook the soup when you cook the soup, we can squeeze a few drops of sesame oil, which will make the aroma strong, and at the same time make the taste of the soup more attractive. When you eat the pancake, you can directly apply a layer.
04 What we said above is how to eat. So we often use sesame oil in our lives, but we should pay attention to the choice of sesame oil. It is better to choose the quality, and it is freshly squeezed.