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What can I eat to treat insomnia?

01 1 The first one is this kiwi. We eat two kiwis a day, and we can improve the quality of sleep a lot. Especially this kiwi is rich in rich calcium and magnesium and vitamin C, which can help stabilize
02 2 Then there is this grape. This grape has excellent effect on improving insomnia. The reason is that the grape is rich in melatonin, which can help sleep. There is a close relationship between melatonin and sleep, and it is black at night.
03 3 There is this banana. We know that this banana is rich in vitamin B6 and the energy-promoting substance that can keep people away from depression. These substances can keep us away from those depressed emotions and help our patients as early as possible.
04 Finally, we have to say that there are many ways to treat insomnia. In general, it is to relieve stress, and to pay attention to eating less irritating food, which is very good for our sleep.