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White radish practice

01 1 White radish is produced in all seasons. This is also a very common qi yoghurt. The practice is also very simple. You can take the right amount of ribs or keel and white radish to drink soup. This soup has
02 2 In fact, white radish has a certain effect on weight loss, and there is also the effect of hangover. If you drink alcohol or eat greasy things, you can get some white radish to boil water, which has a good effect.
03 3 white radish can also be used to braised, first take the right amount of three layers of meat, you need to force out the oil, you can cut a large piece, then put some white radish pieces into the fry, add some soy sauce, pepper and the amount of soy foam, stir fry
04 White radish is a good qi food, but spleen diarrhea should be eaten carefully; patients with gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis should not eat too much, and people who take drugs should not eat white immediately.