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The effect and effect of vinegar soaking feet

01 1 First of all, using vinegar to soak your feet can eliminate the fatigue of the body, especially the fatigue of the soles. Because vinegar can accelerate the body's blood circulation, improve the symptoms of hypoxia in various parts of the body, enhance the ability of metabolism. In the foot washing water
02 2 Secondly, for those who have sleep disorders and often insomnia, vinegar soaking feet can also coordinate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, making them loose. Frequently use vinegar to soak feet, can treat insomnia
03 3 In addition, the human foot has a rich nerve, and there are many reflective areas. With vinegar soaking feet, active vinegar molecules can pass through the epidermis skin, enter the blood circulation, participate in the blood circulation process, which can eliminate the body's
04 It should be noted that the basin of the foot bath should be as good as the tub. When the foot is bathed, it should be controlled for about twenty minutes. The time is too long and not good. The temperature should be controlled and the temperature should be kept at about 50 degrees.