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How to eat the most nutritious blueberries

01 1 The best way to eat blueberries is to eat the fruit directly, and it is the blueberry fruit that has just been taken from the tree. The skin is gently peeled off, cut into pieces by a knife, and slowly fed into the mouth.
02 2 Secondly, you can also squeeze blueberries into juice and eat blueberries by drinking blueberry juice. This method can also ensure that you absorb 80% of the nutrition of blueberries, and it is simple and reliable, and the street can be seen everywhere.
03 3 Another method is to fry the blueberries and the food together. This is called fried blueberry. The blueberry made by this method has different tastes, but the nutrition is integrated with the food and can be better absorbed by itself.
04 Blueberry is a fruit of great nutritional value. We must master these methods of eating blueberries, so that each of us can absorb the nutrients inside the blueberry and strive to be a healthy person.