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The efficacy and effect of melon

01 1 treatment: use a yellow ripe melon. Take out a few pieces of melon seeds, remove the skin of the melon seeds, and then put them in the pot, the fire burns, the vinegar paste is a pill, such as the scorpion
02 2 can also be used to treat children with hot cough, suffocating for a long time without licking: one of the melon fruit, remove the child, for the end, use the noodles to live with it, make a small cake, 炙 yellow to the end.
03 3 treatment of small chest disease, the symptoms are in the heart, according to the pain, pulse floating. Coptis 50 grams, Pinellia (wash) 250 grams, one of the big buildings, three flavors, with water six liters,
04 melon skin, kernel, the function is slightly different. The skin is longer than heat and phlegm, and the gas is wide and chest; after the frying, the cold is reduced, it is suitable for the stagnation and stagnation; the candied fruit can also moisten the lung and cough. Ren Yirun