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The benefits of eating chestnuts

01 1 chestnut is a common kind of food. This kind of food not only has a feeling of fullness but also can achieve the therapeutic effect of spleen and stomach. If the appetite is not very good, and the digestion level is good or bad, then you can take it often.
02 2 Many patients with weak system, their kidneys are not very good, and they often have fatigue. In this case, people can take chestnuts to stew chicken soup. This food can improve the patient's constitution and achieve the effect of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the muscles.
03 3 chestnuts have the function of treating vomiting blood, blood stasis, and blood in the stool. If there is a lumpy fracture and edema, you can often eat chestnuts, but this food is a hot thing, and the sugar is relatively high.
04 Because fresh raw chestnuts contain more water, the nutrients are relatively less than dried chestnuts and cooked chestnuts. Because the sugar contained in chestnuts is not low, avoid eating when eating chestnuts.