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Taboo for drinking milk

01 1 Everyone knows that drinking milk is good, but drinking milk is also a taboo. Let me tell you when you can't drink milk, you can't drink milk on an empty stomach, and the nutrition of milk can't be absorbed on an empty stomach.
02 2 Do not spray the milk directly in the sun for too long, which will cause the milk to deteriorate. The riboflavin in the milk will lose half of the sun for about two hours, and it will destroy the vitamin C in the milk.
03 3 Do not add sugar to the milk when it is boiled, because the milk contains lysine white sugar containing pectin, which will form at high temperature, fructosyl lysine, which is not absorbed by the body, and
04 Milk can promote the absorption of calcium, especially if children drink milk, it will help grow up. If there is insomnia, you can also drink a cup of milk before going to bed every day to promote sleep and improve sleep quality.