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What is the fastest food supplement for calcium deficiency?

01 1 The best food for calcium supplementation is milk. The source of calcium is milk and milk products. Milk is not only rich in calcium, but also has high absorption rate. It is a good source of calcium supplement, and if you want calcium supplementation,
02 2 Egg yolks and fish shellfish contain high levels of calcium. Loach, snails, snails, and shrimps are also high in calcium. When appropriate, you can eat more shrimp skin. When cooking soup, you can put some of it, from the usual diet.
03 3 The calcium in seafood is also very rich. The calcium content of the vegetable needles in the vegetables is relatively high. It can also eat more in the usual diet. The calcium content of pork bones and chicken bones is very high, but when it is usually soup
04 Some foods contain too much phytic acid and oxalic acid, which will precipitate the calcium in the food and reduce the absorption of calcium. For example, the oxalic acid in spinach is too high. The spinach is cooked tofu, but the calcium in the tofu cannot be absorbed.